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An elective despotism was not the government we fought for...

James Madison

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Big Government and the Economy

Why has our government stopped representing the people?  It’s because it has gotten too big and powerful.  No time for the little guy that they promised to serve, it is all about them.

Federal Fiscal Responsibilities

Our tax dollars and our increasing debt are going toward deceptively-named policies and bills that would take away our freedoms and jeopardize the American way of life.
Democrats like to create problems then offer a "solution" that only empowers them.

The "Infrastructure" Bill

President Biden's so-called Infrastructure Bill has more to do with CRT than with the Infrastructure improvement that our country seriously needs.


The "Voter Integrity" Bill

The Voter Integrity Bill (HR1) would double your tax dollars and give them to candidates you don't even support. And of course,


Climate Change

"Let's disrupt the American people's lives so we can be more powerful."

"Let's see.. America has more regulated environmental policies than most countries (as it should), but we are being blamed for changing the climate. Do we really have that power?"

True Social Justice
We are NOT a racist country!

Critical Race Theory and Equity (code for redistribution) ideology claims that America is bad and racist. It divides us and takes away our trust in our nation (each other).
Not to mention, it is a national security threat. When we break down society, we break down the rule of law.
Instead of fighting the biology that makes us men and women and undermining the nuclear family, let's teach our children proper science and strengthen the family. Our children need to learn to love God, one another, and their country.


Afghanistan and Foreign Policy
How did we lose this war and leave our enemy strengthened?


American sons and daughters paid the price for foolish and hubris leaders. They've allowed for the growth of more terrorism and embarrassed our country. 

Let’s begin with asking the question: What do you need to win a war?

  1. Sufficient force: we have the greatest military in the world 

  2. Persistence and sense of presence: we achieved that

  3. A sense of purpose: achieved

  4. Speed and Brevity: we failed to achieve that -- 20 years is not brief

With those points, victory was ours and it was time to get out but NOT, and I repeat NOT the way we did it. This really leads me to more questions:


First, let’s address General Milley and Defense Sec. Austin who should be fired. Mr. Milley is too busy wondering what it’s like to experience white rage and see how our soldiers look in heels. Sec. Austin claims that the U.S. doesn’t have the capability to get all Americans out of Afghanistan.

The Taliban has all of our weapons and lots of our money that was just left there, and now it has the help and backing of China, Russia, and Iran (the new AXIS power). I’m sure they will be happy mining all of lithium that will be needed to build our battery cars.



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